1. Video Collaboratory

Prototyped and built web application using Laravel - PHP, JavaScript and RESTful Web Services. Integrated with Blade templating engine to create views for constructing the user interface. Modified the existing design of user interface and provided user-friendly navigation techniques

Blog-1, Blog-2; GitHub

2. E-commerce Application (In-Process)

Developing an e-commerce application for promoting organic products using AngularJS, Bootstrap4 and Firebase.
Build guards for routes using dependency injection of services for application security and user authentication

Shop-Organic; GitHub

3. PrimeNG Application Development

Converted wireframes into single page application by using frameworks and PrimeNG UI library based on Angular.js.Constructed web application with cross-browser compatibility using GraphQL, Angular.js and Node.js

TimeSheet; GitHub

4. Customer Billing Application

Analyzed clients' key requirements and implemented web application using Java (Spring MVC) and Hibernate. Developed frontend of dashboard using AngularJS, HTML5 and CSS3. Improved the user interface of customer billing component by including D3 chart libraries. Please send me an email to for the sample user credentials to view the application.

Billing App

5. Unit Testing for Bloom Taxonomy

Collaborated with PhD candidate to implement Web API design with Node.js (Express) and MongoDB
Implemented automated testing functions to test JavaScript code and reported bugs
Used test-driven development with Mocha and Chai unit testing framework with GitHub
Re-structured existing routes and conducted integration testing of API using Postman

Blog; GitHub

6. Wikipedia dataset analysis

Created three-dimensional interactive web application using Unity, C# and MySQL for analysis of Wikipedia dataset. Transformed data using Excel and performed database cleansing prior to loading database into Unity.


7. Restaurant Discovery Application

Worked on creating interactive prototype of real world application and click-through by conveying designs and information architecture. Conducted user research studies and need-finding techniques for providing better user navigation experience. Analyzed needs of users acquired through research and implemented them in application


8. Online Library Management System

Worked on creating an online Library management system using JSP servlet and MySQL. Included admin and user functionality for the application. Designed the user interface using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


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